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Abbreviations with Definitions and Explanations as They Pertain to Coding
Abbreviations are listed with explanations as they relate to the coders job. This will help coders better understand the various elements that affect reimbursement.
Advanced Practice Providers
In this course, coders learn the documentation requirements to bill for advanced practice providers such as NP, PA, CNM, CSW, CP and CNS.
AIDS and HIV Coding and Sequencing
The Official Coding Guidelines for Coding and Reporting and Coding Clinic advice will be reviewed as it relates to AIDS and HIV positive coding. The disease is explained along with treatments. Case scenarios are presented to aid the coder's understanding of code assignments and sequencing.
APR-DRG System Introduction
In this course, coders will be introduced to the APR-DRG grouping system. The history and components of this complex grouping system will be explored and discussed. Severity of illness and risk of mortality will be explained and coding examples presented to show differences in levels and how they impact the relative weight, even if the APR-DRG is not impacted.
Anemia Overview- Types-Causes-Diagnosis and Treatment
This course provides a working knowledge of the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of anemia to help the coder understand the condition and what to look for in the record in order to accurately assign the code and increase productivity.
In the course, the coder learns what anesthesia services are, and how to code and bill for them.
Arthrocentesis, Aspiration and Joint Injections
In this course, the coder learns how to code and bill for arthrocentesis, aspiration of joint and joint injections.
Arteriovenous Circuit and Interventions Coding in CPT
This course reviews the CPT coding of interventions performed on arteriovenous fistulas and grafts. These codes were recently updated. Definitions of the peripheral and central dialysis circuits are provided. Details of the CPT hierarchy are explained.
Arteriovenous Fistulas, Grafts and Graft Revision Coding in ICD-10-PCS
In this course, the coder will learn the difference between an AV fistula and AV graft creation and proper root operations. Common diagnoses and procedures to correct these problems will be discussed in detail.
Breast Procedure Coding In CPT - Excisional
This course will discuss some commonly seen excisional breast procedures – biopsy, partial mastectomy, complete mastectomy, and radical mastectomy. Sentinel node identification will also be discussed.